loosen up, guys

Here's a Big Firm about two blocks away from me venturing into the world of blogging by addressing electronic discovery.

Content rating: Too early to judge, given the length of time since rollout. Already, however, it shows potential for an 8, although I don't care for the number of posts pointing to sources which require subscriptions for access.

Style points: zero. Dry, dry, dry. The posts vary depending on the tone of the topics summarized. The posts on news articles are punchier than those summarizing reports on rule changes. That tells me that these posts are simple summaries rather than independent content.

The site lacks permalinks to individual posts, so I can't give examples by direct link, but compare the 1/7/2005 post "Microsoft Corporation Comments on Proposed Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure" (can't you feel your eyelids drooping?) to the 12/27/2004 post "Taking The Fear Factor Out Of E-Mail" (eyelids pop back open).

Extra credit for: knowing what RSS is.

Could be improved by: matrix code wallpaper.

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