subversive cross-stitch

I really, really want a sampler that says WTF? for my office. Even though embroidery has always given me a severe case of the fidgets, I am willing to make the sacrifice in order to enhance my own subversive office decor.


the bryn mawr college cookbook

What's cool about this is that I sort of watched this book being built, because the recipes were collected through the alumnae listserv. Truth to be told (and I always do) I didn't pay much attention to the whole process other than to idly note that the recipes flying about during the testing process all sounded pretty good. I've never seen a book written that way before.

The cookbook is also available in hard copy (paperback), but the .pdf version has the simultaneous salutary qualities of being the cheapest and making the most money for the College. Anassa kata.


don't honor me when i'm dead

The state bar is giving a "posthumous professionalism award" to our late Chief Disciplinary Counsel, who died recently in a car crash.

I have no doubt she was very professional, but what is the purpose of this? For myself, I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.