buying art for the office of the future

Here's a great concept from the town of Spokane, much in the news and reviled of late. Artocracy.org provides good art in the $20 to $50 range. The deliverable? A .pdf file, printed out on the buyer's color printer:

"All works of art on Artocracy.org are made up of print-ready PDF files. Purchasing art is simple. Once you've decided on a piece to purchase, you will be directed through the e-commerce system. When the purchase is finalized you will receive a link to a downloadable PDF. We leave it to user discretion as to how and where the final piece is printed."

What is particularly interesting to me is that the works offered on site are created specifically for the digital format. Although most of the art in my office was created by my daughter and me, I'm tempted to spring for one of these and commander a color printer here. Other digitally savvy alternatives apparently considered yet by artocracy would be to offer artists' work specifically in black-and-white or for display on a single computer monitor. We'll see if this business evolves or dies.

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