and well beyond sharpies, too

Nick Dufill is a not a writer on the law or on technology per se, but his wonderful blog Beyond crayons: Businesslike visualisation for late adopters contains the most astute observations on mindmapping I have ever read. Most lawyers fall into the category of "late adopters" of technology that Dufill wryly salutes in his tagline, and this little blog should be required reading for any lawyer who is trying to make more than superficial use of their practice management software or any other relational database (note to really late adopters: click on the phrase "relational database" to see what I'm talking about). No, it doesn't address these issues specifically, but his writings address analysis and structure in a way that looks very helpful to legal troglodytes.

The only thing disappointing about this site was its brevity, though I suspect the author is emphasizing quality over quantity, and it is, after all, a new launch into the blogosphere. Blog on, please.

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