goddess chats

(with apologies to Nicole Hollander) I was emailing my big sister, the ultimate computer geek, who remarked in passing that it was a little disconcerting that her little sister had turned into a goddess. When I pointed out to her that there was no reason that she couldn't be, say, The Daemon Empress of COBOL, hooboy did my lack of knowledge of the relative status in the geek world of legacy programs get me into trouble.

I was advised in no uncertain terms that, and I quote, "I would rather be called a sleazeball of a 'ho than an Empress of COBOL. I realize that no one understands what I do, but hexadecimal and assembler are my toys of choice."


I am pleased, therefore, to announce that henceforth I am proud to be the sister of the Aphrodite of Assembler. Even if I don't understand what she does.