broadband rules!

In the course of establishing myself in my new office (note to the typing weary--Kinesis keyboards are the caterpillar's boots) I have now obtained broadband access.

Oh man.

No more dependency on The Evil Empire for a meager trickle of Net.

I may never live in the real world again.


the end of an era

Some philosophical musings, no links today.

So I have joined an actual law firm, effective today. The timing has perhaps not been ideal. Some of my colleagues who are more keenly aware of my sense of whimsy have refused to believe that I am seriously making this switch. For this, I have only myself to blame.

Nevertheless, I have now left the ranks of solos and joined a firm, so I took down most of the content of my solo site this morning, and converted the remainder into a campaign site for the minor Bar office I am pursuing.

It was like watching the carnival being knocked down at the end of its stay in town. Really, I am proud of the content I developed, and it made me very sad to take it all down.