echidne of the snakes

One meets the best goddesses on the 'Net. Echidne of the snakes writes intelligently with a feminist bent, although she has been ill-advised on the legal subtleties behind the poor beautiful Shawnna furor.

Now, let's see. If Poor Beautiful Shawnna's lawyer had served the dirtbag husband with an amended petition alleging the pregnancy on November 4, the day Judge Bastine vacated the decree of dissolution, the decree could have been entered on...November 29! To enter a default, it's twenty days from the date of service, not counting the day of service, plus three days for mailing (he didn't need to be personally served because jurisdiction over him was already established with the service of the original petition). So the fact that it is January 12, and the husband has not been served with an amended petition that started the clock running again is the fault of...? Not Judge Bastine.

Oh, and if you've misplaced your Bulfinch, the original Echidne was a half-woman, half-speckled-serpent who gave birth to six other notable creatures: Orthrus, Cerberus, Hydra, the Chimaera, the Sphinx, and the Nemean Lion.

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