how very . . . circumspect

After discovering that my law school alma mater did not acknowledge alumni/alumnae blogs, I took a look at what the students there are doing. As usual I found my hope for the profession in its future practitioners. As it turns out, one blogger maintains a blogroll of law students at the school, which, as an alum, I sort of invited myself into last week. I note that I was carefully described as "a reasonable glimpse of the future awaiting some of us." Now if that isn't a delightfully ambiguous comment, I don't know what is. Hard to say whether I'm Dorian Gray or the picture in the attic.

An aside. What is it about law and the Internet that brings out delusions of Satanic grandeur in us all? The above-referenced blog is called "Three Years of Hell to Become the Devil," I style myself the Dark Goddess of Replevin, and one of my friends posts to a mailing list as the Daemon Empress.

Another aside to clueless educational institutions: my undergraduate college has had an index of alumnae websites up since around 1998 or so, although it's not accessible to the public. On the downside, on the other hand, their current format has the most putrid color combination I have stumbled across in several years.

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