resistance is futile!

It's official. I have ditched Timeslips Ten-point-infinity and moved on to Billing Matters, which is tightly integrated with Time Matters, which is now owned by Lexis, which is now owned by Reed Elsivier, which for all I know is a participant in the New World Order. At the very least it participates in the New Word Order created when one gets used to "natural language" searches instead of the elegant austerity of logical connectors. Those same connectors made me the terror of my eighth grade math club and served me well in the early days of Lexis (back when they were Mead Data Central). Oh, sweet bird of youth!

Review of Billing Matters: very steep learning curve. Great program, once you get used to thinking like a relational database. And I thought it was hard thinking like a lawyer! Now, for a dissenting opinion check with one of my partners, whose Time Matters data ended up in a twist and eventually plunged like Lucifer from Heaven, taking her computer with it. She ended up ditching BM and migrating to Timeslips. The moral of the story I guess is to maintain meticulous database hygiene. Not that she had, like, an unkempt database or anything.


sometimes the old remedies are the best

Some of you may recall the saga of the Trail King Drop Deck Trailer regarding which I filed an action in replevin late last year.

I am pleased to report that my client has her trailer back in her possession (I barely restrained myself from titling this post The Return of the Trail King). And I got it the old-fashioned way.

I settled the case.


striking a blow for professionalism

Resolved: to stop borrowing the CD player of the hapless associate in the office next to mine, who has been stuck Bates-stamping documents since I lent my Bates stamper to her boss yesterday. She needs the tunes more than I do. I do question why she has to stamp things when we have a copier that ought to print ditigal Bates stamps on the copies but...maybe no one here knows how to do that.

My erstwhile assistant managed to talk me out of ordering the Hello Kitty CD boombox I had my heart set on, so I settled on a sober (by my standards) blue-and-chrome unit.

It's just no fun being a grown-up some days, is it?