the continued adventures of my persona

My persona has begun embarking on new adventures. The increased line of credit helps.

I recently used the line of credit to have the dark goddess of replevin become a corporate sponsor of a charity benefit rock concert.

My tastes are nothing if not eclectic, so after duly educating myself about the birth of grunge, I put in an appearance at the concert in time to hear Riverred and the Supersuckers. (Obligatory bad cell phone concert photograph on its way shortly.) One of the other bands--I won't name it--was awful, just awful, but I am now feeling rather smug that I actually know who the Supersuckers ARE and what group later gave rise to Riverred. Also, the corporate rep from Livewire, there at the concert to promote the CD(NOTE: I receive no compensation whatsoever if you buy this product by clicking on this link) seemed rather amused to discover that one of his corporate sponsors was a woman in classic pearls...and tiger-print spike heels. As my son says, I totally rock.

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