corporate alzheimer's

When I read this headline I assumed it had something to do with lack of institutional memory.

Although that's a problem, the article turns out to be about the problems of abandoning old files when one abandons computers. I cherish my electronic form file and brief bank. I've only been in charge of it for eight years (that being when I founded my firm), but since I hope to practice for many years hence, these issues will recur.

What wasn't addressed in the article is the problem of legacy file formats, which I can foresee (donning my Cassandra robes here) as a problem for the future. Although it's unlikely that Microsoft will stop churning out new releases of Word, suppose Time Matters shuts its doors? Yes, it's owned by LexisNexis now, but they could always decide to kill it. I've got all my practice information stored in a modified Topspeed database. Always at my back I hear Time's winged chariot running near.

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