well, i should hope so

The headline reads: jury awards $1.7 million to woman spanked at work. This turns out not to be hyperbole. It was part of a "camaraderie-building exercise."

I once had a job where my employer had the right to dictate the color of my underpants (this was in Montana almost thirty years ago, and I was a cocktail waitress). It was at that time that I swore that there were certain things that I would not do to remain employed. It is funny, because I think lawyers may have a certain reputation among laypeople as being willing to do just about anything for a fee, but I find I am more and more picky as time goes by.

I definitely would not be willing to be spanked as a condition of continued employment.

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Mediarambo said...

A few weeks ago I met a group young bank employees from the UK and they were getting ready to fly next morning to .....Antarctica. Two weeks of team building. Hopefully they won't come back with frostbite and I wonder what contracts they had to sign to absolve their employer from liability for any mishaps.