the death of a blawg on the death of a law firm

It seems like only last week--in fact, it was only last week--that I speculated that an anonymous blawg called "Death of a Law Firm" was an inside job by a partner.

We'll never know. The site has already been deleted, so quickly that even the Wayback Machine could not assist me in resuscitating it. Note: I had occasion last week to locate a Very Naughty Site, Which Probably Caused Me To Violate A Number Of Federal Laws In Viewing It, last week in the course of research on a case. You can locate traces of almost any folly on the Internet. It's not often that the vapor trails of people's thoughts on the Internet let me down.

But I could have told J.D., the putative (or should I say titular? I love that word) author of the already-defunct Death of a Law Firm blawg, that it is hard work maintaining a persona for any length of time (let alone establishing a line of credit in her name). Not every fictitious person is up to it. These violent delights have violent ends.

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