Think I'll keep this one for a while.

Making the transition from a pure text blog to one that has more photos has been a rocky one. My beginning efforts as a digital photographer have been painfully, if not painstakingly, documented here. I discovered only a few days ago that the software I use to manage my digital images has--this is a real shocker--photo editing capacities. Gee whiz.

The barely adequate photograph above of my certificate of incorporation has been added and deleted several times as I try to figure out how to substitute it for the truly bad photograph of said certificate currently in my profile. Blogger was acting up yesterday when I tried to edit my profile, so now I've learned the trick of leaving this image up in a post at least until I am able to substitute it in. I am still rather shaky on how the concept of photo chat works. More philosophically, I am not sure I will ever trust software that addresses me in the vocative case, even if you can't tell in English.

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