b-rate me!

Scales-of-justice streetlight at the RJC

After over two decades of flying under the radar of Martindale-Hubbell, I have received my first peer review rating. In order to display the service mark of the ratings indicating that I have been bestowed a rating, I would have to execute this horrendous acknowledgement. Presumably, everytime I display the service mark. Hm. This shows signs of promise. They do say I can use it on a "lawyer home page." Interestingly enough, I can indicate that I have a rating, but I can't tell you the reader, because you might not be a lawyer, what that rating is. Notice that I have not done so. I also have to tell you this:

"The Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Icon is a service mark of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used under permission from Reed Elsevier Properties Inc. in accord with the terms and conditions established by Martindale-Hubbell."

in order to show you this:

I have never been asked to provide rating information on another lawyer, nor did I personally request this rating. It looks like they have Field Representatives to do their scouting.

Too strange.

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