advanced time matters

Today's cheesy artwork emerges from TimeMatters's internal workings, picked up by Picasa's scan of my entire hard drive.

TimeMatters has a feature that I've been mulling over for the last eighteen months or so. No need to rush into these things. Actually, it's two phone features: the first is an autodialer for any phone number entered into the DB. Just click on the little telephone icon next to the phone field and away she goes. It can also be configured to pop up a new Phone Form with timer running to make it easier for me to take electronic notes on all my phone conversations.

The second phone feature is a bit more complex. When an external call is transferred to me from our switchboard, Caller ID information displays briefly. There is said to be a way to get TimeMatters to capture the Caller ID information in DDE form, match the phone number with the phone number string and, if there is a match, pop up a new phone form with the Contact name and, if one is associated, the Matter name already filled in and that magical timer running.

That at least is the theory. The practice is that I had two phone guys at my desk for about four hours the day before yesterday, and they couldn't get either direction of this alleged productivity enhancement up and consistently running. I have over seven hundred bucks invested in telephone guy time, a bunch of zip files and folders all over my computer desktop, and nothing to show for it so far.

But it sounded like such a good idea.

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