math wars ii redux

By popular request, here is another passage from my child's infamous parody. I have changed names of real children used in the story but made no other changes whatsoever.

Andy pinned Obi-One to the wall and stepped back to admire his work. Obi-One was pinned against the wall in stocks. He looked stupid. Andy pulled out green and orange colored pencils and then some paper. He wrote “Mad-O-Meter” on it then scrubbed oil on it. There was a meter on it that had 4 sections: Annoyed, Fuming, REALLY Pissed and HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!!!!!!

Eddy handed me some pants and a camera. I wound the camera and put on the pants. “Thanks.”

Obi-One looked perfectly calm. Andy bent down over Obi-One’s skirt and started to draw. When he stepped back I saw what he did. Obi-One’s white skirt had flowers all over it.

“Obi-One, I didn’t know you danced flamenco!”

“I don’t.”

“Well ballet then!” Eddy said in mock surprise. They both pulled out their cameras. CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! Then Eddy taped the “Mad-O-Meter” to Obi-One’s forehead. It burst into flames. CLICK!

“That was fun.” Eddy said. I nodded.

I think one big reason my child is in Trouble now is the use of the word "pissed." Sigh.

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