oh, you mean that rod and staff!

The latest Kafkaesque view of reality as seen by the RCAB: By 1991, Cardinal Law had twice approved psychiatric treatment for the formerly Reverend John Geoghan because of allegations Geoghan had sexually molested numerous children. But when another bishop told Law that year that he had received a complaint about Geoghan ''proselytizing'' at a Waltham swimming pool and perhaps showing a ''prurient'' interest in a young boy, Law was not alarmed.

From Law's deposition:

Q: Didn't it concern you at all that Father Geoghan was now at a place where children were congregating outside his parish?

A: You know, the case, as it was brought to me, was a complaint relating to proselytizing, and I was taking it at that.

Does Law expect us to believe that he believed Geoghan to be doing God's work? Really, I couldn't make this stuff up.

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