mystery of the missing archives

According to Blogger, my archives aren't "missing," you just can't see them on my page. At this point, September 15 entries and following don't show up as archive links, and I have a May 10, 2002, critique of Cardinal Law's deposition performance that I'd like to be able to refer to, but I practically have to stand on my head to find it. I've deleted index entries and re-indexed till I'm blue in the face, but no go.

This is very annoying.

Considering that I have just today figured out that I can add fixed links to my posts (although my attempts to format this turned the coding on the page katywompus for half an hour), which enables me to surface the previous Law entry, and that I have a totally free blog, my expectations are awfully high. If I'm going to do this, I want to do it right.

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