replevin countdown: day 27

As a refreshing break from my life on the cutting edge of using technology in law, I am working on getting a writ of replevin (hence my nom de guerre). Of course there have been interesting technical wrinkles along the way, such as: getting the $120 filing fee waived for my client, per a state Supreme Court case that I literally took in hand and waved at the commissioner to get his attention on this issue, and getting permission to serve the defendant by certified mail after demonstrating that he could not be found (probably because of the warrant out for his arrest). I did search for him over the 'Net but the fellow is keeping a very low profile.

In less than a month I get to see whether I can talk my way into the issuance of the writ based solely on notice to the last known address by certified mail. Now, I did attach a condo once--it was pretty fun--but this time I am hoping to replevy an 18-wheel snub-nose cab.

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