replevin countdown: day 26

My last post cleverly snuck in a reference to Fuentes v. Shevin, which y'all must remember from law school was a due process case about replevin which is making my job to retrieve the eighteen-wheeler much harder. Damned 14th amendment.

I love the fact that my Fuentes link will send you to the website for the National Pawnbrokers Association. Not the most conventional research site but hey, they had a copy of the case and a marginally adequate summary there, and this is only a blog and not a brief to SCOTUS. I was charmed to learn from the National Pawnbrokers Association, by the way, that "Working with law enforcement has always been an important part of operating a pawnshop" and "[w]hen visiting a pawnshop you're likely to find bright, sophisticated lighting and modern merchandising programs to rival the major discount stores."

As I have said before, who needs parody?

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