o bernie, where art thou?

I have been waiting impatiently for the next batch of transcripts of Bernard Cardinal Law's deposition. Wouldn't you know it, his minions obtained another order blocking their release for the moment. However, I note that this order was, of course, immediately appealed.

The Boston Globe, by the way, which seems to be owned by the New York Times, has turned itself into quite the portal on American priest pedophilia. Well, we all have our niche. I suppose they're looking to get a Pulitzer, and the 'Net is a nice way for them to display a portfolio of their work. All this, by the way, despite a visually dreadful home page with a violently oscillating lavender column on the right that I get a migraine just describing. Geez. The New York Times on the Web has the right idea--make the page look like a physical newspaper, white is so soothing--but what's a parent company to do?

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