batteries not included

I really long for the old days, when my wind-up traveler's clock took me around the world without batteries at all.

Then came my first Palm, and it used AAAs, but that was okay, because it only ate them at the rate of two or so per month.

Now I have an m515, and a cellular phone, and they both have rechargeable batteries with absolutely no gumption. Sigh.

What's a Goddess to do? If I spend a whole day doing business in my car, which is not unusual, I can drain both the cell and the Palm by the end of the day, and they both plug into the single cigarette lighter that my car possesses. I shudder to think that there may be a USB hub for a cigarette lighter off which I could daisy-chain all my chargers. Even with a Mercury Grand Marquis, it could spell engine trouble.

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