more fun with PBM appeals

The PBM denied the first appeal (more on that later).

The form called "Important Information about Your Appeal Rights" provides a number to call "for information on how to designate an authorized representative."

I try looking on the PBM website first and cannot find an authorized representative form.

I call that number to get the form. Person #1 gives me a URL that leads to a 404 notice (big surprise).
She transfers me to Person #2 at a new phone number.

I ask person #2 for the information on how to designate an authorized representative to file an appeal.
She has no idea talks to her supervisor.

She comes back and tells me that her supervisor says I have to fill out the form and send it in.
I explain that I am calling because I need the form.

"Oh," she says, "my supervisor says you have to get it from the website."

I explain that neither person #1 nor I could find it on the website.

"Oh," she says, "I have to transfer you to person #3 at yet another phone number!"

At which point I am disconnected.

I am in Hell.

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