how does it DO that?

It's a standard feature of social networking sites that they offer you suggested new connections based on the connections you already have.

LinkedIn is starting to freak me out. It has suggested to me several out-of-state individuals to whom I have no openly-discernable connection but who are, in fact, actual clients of mine. Who might not want that broadcast on a social networking site.

How does LinkedIn know?


Amazing Toddler's Mom said...

That would freak me out. Good thing I have no clients, I guess. :/

Violet said...

Is it possible that LinkedIn trolls your email contacts? Facebook does this, and it freaks me out to no end.

Spokane Matthew said...

I gave LinkedIn access to my address book. From this access, it suggested contacts. Maybe what you are experiencing has the same cause.

Leo said...

I hopped on just out of curiosity, and it hooked me up with some people I hadn't run into for 20 some odd years. Interesting.

I'm voting for black magic. I knew sacrificing the cat as part of the sign up process was a bit odd. Normally only asks for a squirrel.

the goddess said...

I think it's also a sign that my computer security is far more permeable than I fondly believe.