don't make me stop this car

The Supreme Court of the State of Washington has just announced an extensive set of amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct, effective September 1, governing my behavior in this state.

Being a conscientious attorney who moreover will be speaking on an ethics topic in October, I downloaded the blacklined set of the entire rules (notable in part because the "unofficial" comments on the rules are now designated as Official Comments).

The document is 285 pages long.

The document does not contain any page numbers.

What were they THINKING? I don't have a clip big enough to keep this one-and-one-half-inch (I measured) thick stack of paper in order. And one page of blacklined boilerplate really looks remarkably like another. The probability that I will drop this humongo stack o'docs at some point in preparing for my seminar approaches 1. At which point I will drop to the floor and set fire to the useless scrambled mess.

Memo to Supreme Court: please number your pages, as the rule you promulgated for Superior Court recommends in CR 10(e)(3).

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