learning curve: ugly but steep

After a week or so of wrestling with my Treo 650, this is what I can do with it:

(1) I can take lousy pictures (as previously documented);

(2) I can receive email four different ways;

(3) I can send email under my work alias;

(4) I can surf the Internet with images turned off;

(5) I can customize ring tones for individual callers, and include a (lousy) picture of them that displays onscreen when they call;

(6) I can make telephone calls;

(7) I can place and answer telephone calls using my Bluetooth wireless headset;

(8) I can do all the usual PDA stuff; and

(9) I can send and receive text messages (this was actually the first thing I figured out).

Not only that, today I (9a) figured out how to adjust the clock on my car CD player. It has been driving me wild that the dashboard clock and CD clock were two minutes off.

What I haven't quite mastered yet is the MP3 player portion of the Treo, since my desktop RealPlayer won't recognize anything above a Treo 600 as a device to burn MP3s to, although I have the appropriate software on my 650. I also have a full album of downloaded Tibetan monastery chants waiting on my desktop that I am yearning to experience.

Now, I may well have completely trashed my TimeMatters/BillingMatters database in the last twenty-four hours, and taken down our fledgling firm network with it, but at least I'll be able to listen to music when they come to put me in a rubber room.

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