as long as i'm criticizing gr 17 . . .

I noticed this morning that GR 17(b)(5) says, "The clerk shall neither accept nor file a document unless it is on bond paper." Now, much as I love the feel of crackling stiff bond paper, it would jam up my trusty HP 3100 something awful. I have been flouting the law for years by filing pleadings printed on laser paper. Recycled, of course. This is the Northwest.

But look a little closer at the rule. It says the clerk may not FILE documents if they're not on bond paper. Now, they FILE the faxed pleadings they receive, right?

I certainly understand why they wouldn't want to file slimy-paper faxes (okay, technically it's thermal transfer paper, okay?). But the thought of the county clerks of this state dutifully stocking their fax machines with bond paper strikes me in my current exhausted state as bizarre beyond belief.

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