they've got to be kidding

A friend sent me a link to an "innovative new personal organizing system" yesterday. Because I looked up this whiz-bang new system on an old, slow computer with dial-up access, I was able to read all the text about this wondrous system before I saw the pictures. My imagination reeled speculating about what I might see.


It's um, a set of cubbyholes.

Yes, if you sort your mail into it, I supposed it's organized. But I was expecting something, well, innovative. Silly me.


Anonymous said...

I just bought one of those organizers from your link, and actually, it is pretty different. The slots come out and it changes shape. Maybe you just need to learn how to be a little creative my dear.
Best of luck,

the goddess said...

Former supervisors of mine all over America are shuddering at the thought of my being encouraged to be MORE creative.